Thursday, October 20, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday!  I am going to try to begin a weekly post called "Friday Five" where I write things that I have loved from the week!  They may not all be fitness, or they may be!  Just whatever has made me smile or touched me over the week!

#1.  I am loving this fall season (especially the fact that it has been 85 degrees!) of slowing down, of walking Ellie Mae daily and having her force me to be slow! I love being so aware of the season and how much I am treasuring each day with Ellie Mae.

#2.  Clear slate with training goals:  It scares me a little to have no races right now.  I don't know how to live well this way, BUT, I also think it is a necessary time to get to a place that doesn't feel quite right, so that I am fired up to train and achieve goals!  I am loving planning races for the next season, exploring dates and places and having an open slate to work with for the next year!  What new races should I consider?!  I'd love to do a destination/ trip race soon!

#3.  Pumpkin:  I don't love pumpkin spice lattes like  many people, BUT... when fall comes, I act like it is my JOB on this earth to make pumpkin food.  I have made pumpkin ricotta pasta bake, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin cake, pumpkin lentil soup so far.  Ryan has told me that not everything needs to be pumpkin.  It has been recommended that I take a slight pumpkin break.

#4.  My morning glories.  I posted this on facebook, but:  my gardens at this time of year are horrid and pitiful and sad.  BUT.... my morning glories that I plant each year from seed are FREAKING AMAZING right now!  I had some big plans for them that didn't actually happen, BUT- at least 2 of the transplants are finally blooming in the front!  It brings me so much joy to see these and it was just the nicest thing today when a woman taking a walk came up to my door at the end of one of my classes and introduced herself and told me how much she loved them!

#5.  I won't go into politics on here, BUT.. I will say.... that I LOVE the Saturday night live parody each week on the election/debate.  Oh my GOSH, it is such a well deserved 5-10 minutes spent LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING!  I love it!  I do watch with the kids; I think it is good for them to know a bit about the issues (and this year more than issues but some information and discussion on character) and it has been a nice way to get them to laugh big time with me!! So funny... (funny/not funny!!!!)

Happy Friday !!!!!

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