Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2022 ALL IN


2022 MANTRA.


I decided a few weeks ago to continue my yearly tradition of coming up with a guiding word or mantra for the year.  I did not at all have something coming to the front of my mind…. But it just … as always….  naturally arrived.



Dedication to goals is of my life “things” that I have always adhered to at a frankly very oddly early age.  And I was completely aware in my head that I was intentionally living this way.  I thought a LOT about who I was and who I wanted to be in my late teens and early 20’s.  I was super aware of daily figuring out MY life and future and was keenly aware that every day I built that future.   However, in years since, I haven’t really continued this level of introspection that I once had.  I haven’t forgotten that this is who I inherently am, but it also hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind as it used to be.  I honestly feel like I’ve been a bit more on “survival” mode and less of an inward and aware focus. Less of a consistent connection of my daily actions supporting my end goal.

I am back.  ALL IN.  ALL IN in for what drives me, for my north star, for my reasons and passions.  ALL IN with LIVING INTENTIONALLY.  EVERY TIME I SHOW UP, ALL IN.

I may have been reminded of “all in” in a somewhat negative way. 

When I am teaching or training, it is my huge desire for that time to be purposeful and successful- even though those things may look completely different on different days.  I have a clear view on if someone is “present.”  It shows in the way people move, stand, get distracted, etc.  My job is to guide others and to change their day by what they do in the time they are with me.  And ultimately bring this with them to other aspects of their day and lives.  I know that every minute that someone spends being present,  BEING IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING, is priceless and life changing.  I know that if you come to a workout but for 45 minutes are just going through the motions, not knowing why, not believe in the why, it doesn’t change you.  If you come to yoga, but cannot close your eyes and connect to your exhale, cannot be willing to be only on the mat- off of phones- off of planning- off of making lists, you are not really in yoga either.  You are not in the conversation of the flow of the body’s breath.  You are not ALL IN to what you are doing. 

I am not saying it is always easy.  But I am saying it is a choice you make.  CAN WE SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES IN WHAT WE DO!!?!!

What does ALL IN mean for ME? (especially in the year 2022, as I commit myself to being “all in”.)

It means- showing up in what I am doing this very minute.

It means, if I didn’t sleep last night, maybe I will need to adjust my workout.  But within that adjusted workout, I am still ALL IN.  I know the purpose, believe in the purpose.

All in doesn’t mean 100% intensity.  It means as close to 100% present and intentional as possible.

To me, it means, if I am training for a marathon, ALL IN is living the athlete lifestyle.  Not just training by running, but training well by eating well, sleeping well, being well.  Prioritizing rest and stillness as well as the balance of effort and challenge.  Committing to not cutting runs short, to planning and prepping for the full time to get in the full plan.  Committing to use the roller, to put my legs up the wall, to take a nap.  Committing to breathe and to be where I am.  Committing to sometimes needing to say no to things, but also sometimes saying YES to things.  ALL IN IS INTENTIONAL.

To put it simply, when I think of “all in”- it reminds me of aligning my practices and how I spend my days and time with my life values.  Which is living with integrity.   Can I integrate and weave myself into everything I do, be fully in the moment, and live with full passion.

2022:  ALL IN.

Who is with me?