Sunday, January 1, 2023




Well, I cannot believe I’ve never used this as my “word” for the year previously since I love it so much…. So much that I used it long ago as part of my business name.

2023- year of RISE.

First though, why do I even choose a word?  Well, I believe strongly that our life tells a story and we get to really narrate that story, choose the direction, as well as live intentionally within and through that story.

I am going to use the word RISE to remind me to daily, even moment to moment, RISE to be who it is that I want to be.  *By saying this, I’m no way saying that “I’m not enough” etc …. But I believe if we are given this precious opportunity in life, it is on our shoulders and heart to be IN THE ARENA, IN THE WORK, of being aware and intentional in the pursuit of fulfilling our potential.

I want to RISE to the goals that I have already chosen for this year, as well as RISE above the challenges and roadblocks that I find in the way.  Nothing will happen without RISING TO IT.

I want to RISE to do the things that are HARD for me (even if this includes drinking water), but other things I’m working on that I have to remind myself to do: take time to walk the dogs, even when my body is tired, take time to roll/trigger point for my joints/muscles, to rise to do the SMALL things that support the bigger things.  I believe that our proudest moments in life happen from things that maybe kicked us in the rear, spat in our face, knocked us off a cliff…… and then we RISE AGAIN.  (Let it be said that I really am not asking to be kicked/spat on/thrown off cliff… I actually have had a lot of these experiences already…. Just saying that I am committing to RISE in the face of adversity (not that I’m ASKING for adversity😊!)

I want to RISE above my fears that maybe say I don’t have it in me to achieve some of my BIG GOALS that maybe I’m not even sure if I can do.  This will be the year I rise to work on them.  And yes, I have specific goals that I have maybe given into fear and not fully pursued and kept on the back burner.  I’m coming for you…

RISE above distractions- I’m holding myself accountable to my TIME.  Obviously, we each have limited time.  I won’t be scrolling away my goals and pursuits.  I have decided I’ll stay “on” social media in some ways, but also have set very clear for myself what this will look like in order to not cave into mindless numbing distraction.  I’ll also rise above distractions of what doesn’t serve me- I have honestly limited energy- I GIVE too much energy in all the things I love, it is my life blood.  It also really fatigues me by the end of the day and week.  It is on ME, no one else, to RISE above the distraction of giving into wonder and worrying about cares and ruminating about things that aren’t serving me well.

This word for the year, RISE, also reminds me and challenges me to go FURTHER AND HIGHER, to not limit myself with my thoughts.  I can with confidence rise to who I fully am, who I will fully grow into this year, as I day by day work towards being my best version of myself.

I want to share this beautiful sentiment with you that I read:  Either way, it’s wise to understand how our aims for the future relate to our path in the past. Goals and New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be isolated aspirations, failed and forgotten. Instead, they can contribute to crafting a life theme and an identity that endure.~Kira Newman, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.