Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 GOALS


So, I did my 2017 year in review earlier in the week and of course I have many many hopes and dreams for 2018.  Writer Zora Neale Hurston said, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer them.”  I love this and also believe there are always more questions that we didn’t even know we’d begin to have and always answers that we didn’t even know we were looking for.  Part of our purpose is to listen and find these questions and answers, no matter how uncomfortable they are or make us.  2017 wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I’m so glad I started it out with intentions and goals.  I am ready to learn from 2018 and energized to have a good amount of commitment to my goals!

 Ohhhh so many people say resolutions are bad- that it means that right now there is something about us we “need to change”… and that isn’t a resolution at all.  There are always things we can work on and aim to and for!  That is not bad! That is EXCITING, THRILLING, and HOPEFUL!

So yes, I have goals, specific/measurable/reaching, blah blah blah!!! Yes. Of course.

I am also doing what I have for the past few years- a “word” for the year.  I have done Joy, Love, and more.  This year, what I have realized is that I couldn’t really separate some words and they end up being actually encompassed in the letter P.

PLAY, PASSION, PURPOSE. I’m putting those words in a blender and that will be my year!

I want to feel playful frankly in everything I do!  I want each RUN to feel like child’s play- I want to bring PLAY  to my job- to people’s workouts, to classes I teach! I want to remind myself and others of the lightness and fun in our hearts and bodies!  I want to play with my family- meaning that when I am with them, I can truly be with them and play both actively and lazily!  Also, I want to PLAY in new ways- I want to try new things- I still am hoping to do a trapeze class, among other things!

PASSION: I want to live my passions daily- do the things that GIVE Me energy, I want to fuel that cycle and give even more energy out to the world in doing so.  I am passionate about LIFE, FITNESS, WELLNESS, JOY and MINDFULNESS. I’m passionate about how I spend my time and treasuring every minute with my kids.   I’m passionate about movement, outdoors, dogs, flowers, crafts, parks, porches, simplicity and quiet.   I’m passionate about breathing, moving, being near and on water and warmth, trying new things and living without regrets.  I’m passionate about my relationship with my God.

PURPOSE: I have learned to realize the present moment is all we ever really have.  I believe in having a purpose to all that I do, even things that I now see had purpose through pain (both emotional and physical).  I want to live mindfully, making my choices according to my truth and values, and sharing my life with those I love.  I am willing to go out of my comfort zone for my purpose and need to remind myself to do this without fear.

This year, I have the intentions of play/passion/purpose and of course many specific goals:

*FITNESS:  I hope to not begin my age decline yet, but priority is being smart and hoping to work to stay injury free. I signed up for EAGLEMAN again, however this is not my A or Highest priority race this year, as it usually is.  I am going to do it as a (LOOOONG) training day in the sun and heat!! while I train for my goal of being FASTER at Olympic distance races.  I am going to do MORE 10K’s this winter and sprint to keep myself honest- I am hoping to do one per month to help my training, keep me motivated- and to not “be scared” to do them even when I’m not “where I want to be”!! HOW SILLY- no one is EVER where they “want to be.”!!!!! 

I will sign up for 1-2 new races this year- ones that I’ve never done, even though of course my faves I intend to do and have already signed up for some.  Of course I have gone through  more specifics- I have times/rankings/workouts etc that I would love to achieve, but I think that would be boring to write here and I have written other places.  I also am fully committed to being open to the days as they are presented to me.  I know enough to know that my body isn’t really as I would choose it to be at this age, haha.  I have some injuries working against me, and I don’t intend to sabotage myself.  But I also don’t intend to continue (yes, I have been) being

Now, to DO THIS:

FIRST … NUTRITIONALLY.  I am already making changes.  I do this every year, and I’m actually ok with it!  I don’t eat as healthy in the fall.  I like to have a time to get off my schedule, to eat cookies, to not be strict with myself.  And then I LOVE getting back on to great food that just delivers for me… and makes me feel better and energized and fuels me like an athlete.  I cannot wait to run 10 lbs lighter again. Good grief.

I need to go back to religiously training/coaching myself just like I coach others.  This past year I didn’t do it as well because I was always “waiting” for my back to go out, or scared to commit to a workout in case I wasn’t ready for it.  My commitment will be back.

STRENGTH: I’m going to be doing this every day this year- the plan for the beginning of the year at least is: every other day hit big/small: meaning, if I do 15-20 min of “main lifting” pullups/regular/more standard strength training, etc, then the next day is all the “little stuff” which is actually of course the big stuff- this being stabilizers- single leg calf work, outer hip/inner thigh/posterior shoulders, etc. When I am doing my strength stuff, it is a natural reminder to me of play and a passion for feeling strong, working hard, and this actually helps me create and keep a cycle of motivation.

YOGA (and abs):  yoga every damn day.  Seriously.  I am just smitten in love with my yoga practice.  I’ve been doing it every day as a “requirement” of myself for a few months and have really grown to love the freedom of taking 20 minutes even to do some work on my own.

Swim/Bike/Run: I have set specific goals for my beginning “phase” of the year.  Realistic, but great motivating, specific, intensity, skill, form, fun workouts!

That was fitness, but I won’t bore you with everything:  I have too many categories, family/travel/ garden, books, continuing education, learning and living!  I have goals to learn to be still, to be a better giver, friend, mom, etc.

I want to go places—we are going to hit as many beaches this year as I can, and lakes and pool days and hikes (even if I am on my OWN….)!  I am not going to wait to make plans like I sometimes do.  I’ve already hit some reservation buttons.  I want to be outside, I want to have a list every day to feel accomplished, I want to LIVE EACH DAY so fully.  Not that I expect each day to be over the moon, but I want to delight in the days, in the simplicity, in breath, in my friends, in my work, in my heart. Play/passion/purpose.  I’m joyfully on it!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.  – C.S. Lewis

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