Thursday, March 7, 2019

Solo travels

Many of you know I traveled on a big solo getaway this past week.  It was something I hesitated for so long on, feeling guilty and selfish.  I went for it for many reasons.

When I was in Barbados or during my travel day there, I had a few people ask me why I was going?

I hadn’t been asked that before and it struck me that I hesitated to answer.  In my mind, I was thinking things like: duh. Beach. Because. Away. ? JUST BECAUSE!

But once I was alone and with the opportunity to really think of why, it was so simple to voice this to myself, so I wrote it down.


I needed to let my soul sing,

­­­­­To let my heart heal,

To refind my joy and feel that joy radiate from the toes in the warm sand throughout my whole being.

I needed to be silent.

To be with myself to have space to remember me.

I needed to take care of me.

I needed to be taken care of by the earth and reconnect with the big picture, not just the day to day logistics and driving and food and schedules and stress and complaining.

I needed to wake up with the sun, with the birds chirping, to hear breeze rustling the palms.

I needed to run in the heat and end at the ocean.

I needed to feel the cycle of the day and let go and just follow that cycle.

I needed to watch the sun set and trust the nature of cycles.

I needed to appreciate life, to savor the small stuff, the beauty that I was within.

I needed to see wind blowing ripples on the turquoise water, the soft sand underneath shaped into natural waves.

It was perfection and I found I even UNDER-estimated my need for this.  I am so grateful.

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