Wednesday, April 3, 2019

4 week out jitters

So, I am a bit overwhelmed by being 4 weeks out from the marathon.  Could be a number of things- I  knew this time of year was going to be craaaazy with kids schedules, weekend tournaments, every other thing on the calendar,  band stuff, other school stuff, my work stuff, etc.  So, I am just feeling a bit like I am drowning….and also very tired.  I should be fatigued from the training, but I’m also making sure I’m not going too far overboard, etc.  I am wondering if it is partially allergies? 

I have one very long to do before I start stepping down.  This Sunday will be a long run and I am hoping it goes well.  Unfortunately also playing mind games with myself with a bit of fear of if it doesn’t.

I realized today that part of the fatigue is that I’ve been doing basically ONLY running.   I got on the bike today to do a workout that wasn’t so intense on my body as the running- and it felt so good to do a low intensity bike… I look forward to the weather getting warmer and getting outdoors on my bike!

I’m also reminding myself that while I am “worried” about the race- I just haven’t done this distance in so long, that it is all about FUN, being OUT THERE on the course- on my bucket list course!  And I do truly feel lucky every single run I do to be healed in my back and hip enough to do what I am doing!!!  I am so thankful!

It is big in my heart to feel fully accepting that my races this year are all about progress instead of perfection.  I don’t need to place any pressure on myself to go fast because I am truly just lucky to be healthy and participating.  That is fully my joy to enjoy my training process and the fulfillment of the process on race day!

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