Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Welcome to my first post!  I've been thinking about beginning a blog for quite a few months, and have been searching for the best title, the best day to begin, the best first post, and I SHOULD KNOW BY  NOW!!!  There is NEVER a more perfect time to BEGIN things than simply the present:)  So I am beginning.

I'm writing for many reasons!
*Sharing is fun-- I love reading other people's blogs, being inspired, thinking outside of my own box!  I invite you comment, share your thoughts and experiences, tell me what is helpful to you/ what you maybe used, as well as share my link if you would like!
*Writing:  my goal is to write more often.  I enjoy writing and really getting into the nooks and crannies of my thoughts, and sometimes along the way discovering so much about myself!  So, in all honesty, if noone ever reads my blog, I am still happy to be doing it:)!!
*Posting for REAL-- I am nothing if not real.  Good grief, I cannot hide my emotions if I try!  And I don't believe really in hiding them anyway.  We all feel, right?!  There is beauty in feeling, there is learning in feeling, and there is REAL LIFE HAPPENING through feelings.  

I'm not going to stress about this blog, I'm just going to love it:)
I'm going to post things that strike me and maybe I will post a few sentences!
I am going to post great recipes!
I am probably going to post race reports! (and yes, some of them get long- you do not need to feel bad if you don't want to read!)
I am going to post some of my favorite things!
I am going to post workouts that I recommend!
I am going to post musings from my workouts, yoga practices, decisions, life, dogs, kids, flowers, I don't know! But it is not going to be ALL about fitness, but some will be!  Stay tuned:)

TODAY:  all I am going to say is that I did something I don't normally do for my run- I had a 12 mile run that I was supposed to do for Marine Corps marathon training.  I typically have to be home from work at 7am so Ryan can get to work/I am with kids, but I had until 8am so I blasted through 7 mile tempo run/went home and spent 30 minutes getting lunches ready and finishing family stuff getting kids to bus, and then finished up my last 5 miles all easy/ on tired legs from the first 7!  I think it was a great "different" workout!  Not necessarily the BEST for training, but I definitely felt more fatigued in the legs than normal- and it was just "different" which makes me happy that I did it.
It was really nice being able to RUN at 7am!!  I never get to run at normal times!  it is either at 4am-ish and I am terrified of animals in the dark, or mid day during a free block of time which I sometimes feel guilty about running during a typical "workday" hour... 7am was nice, sunny, and different!

I hope you all did something different today!

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