Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fueling a big week- weekly meal plan

I am struggling to keep control of my schedule these days-- there is so much to do- during work hours and also outside of work hours (kids schedules).  So I am struggling, but doing it.... I'm really trying to find the time to create space for my soul within life- to walk the dogs, continue with a crochet project, time for friends, time for sitting and reading, time for just sitting with the kids while they do their homework so they know I am with them.
I'm trying to be so very intentional with my choices, with my yes's and no's, and working to ensure that they are reflecting my core, my character, my needs and wants.

This week is a big- last big!!!-- run mileage week before a 2 week taper down to Marine Corps marathon.  So, I need fueling for me, filling and quick/easy for our schedule, but most of all ... THE PLAN!!  I am NOTHING without my plan, haha!

here it is:
Sunday:  chili, cornbread, and sliced oranges.  Ryan is making this chili- it is his recipe, and I wanted it now to get some extra iron in me without it being too close to marathon time (all the beans, haha!)  I always insist that we have oranges w/chili since it is my only red meat I ever eat and Vit. C enhances absorption of iron.

Monday:  Chicken salad sandwiches with sliced celery/cranberries/greek yogurt; smoothie and broccoli

Tuesday:  honey peanut marinated tofu lettuce cups.  (kids love this///ryan... not so much).  with sweet potatoes.  *let me know if you want this recipe!

Wednesday:  smoky almond chicken (use smoky almonds/food processed/1/2 fat free sour cream mixed with 1/2 bbq sauce, yum..), green salad, pumpkin muffins

Thursday:  fat free refried beans/shredded cheese burrito wraps with fruit salad.

Friday:  Tuna pasta on salad.

Saturday:  out!!!

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