Saturday, December 3, 2016

Back out.

OK, so I write this after 4 days full of zero.
My back went out this past Sunday PM/Monday AM.  There wasn't an "event" like sometimes when it goes out, I just woke up and it was not letting me stand/sit and progressively worse over first 20 min of uprightness until I realized... goners.
Not just goners, but MAJOR PAIN ensued.  Severe.  I wouldn't wish back pain on my worst enemy... ( really hate that saying actually- as if I have "enemies" or if I would wish ANY type of pain on someone, right?) but...

So, I've been to PT and am somewhat moving now.  Every time I stand and it feels okay to stand, I just am so thankful and reminded of how important health is, and how devoted I am to feeling, moving, performing at my best.  And I mean this in an all around aspect- not just triathlon, but LIFE.  I've already learned this lesson many times.  It is not as if I train without regard for my life as a human being.  I don't do "dumb" training, I am very careful to balance, I change shoes when needed, I stretch, I strength train.  But THERE ARE THINGS.  I need to
1. drink more water.  I am already working on.  This may or may not be related to injury, but I know I am horrid at this, so it only makes sense to work on and improve.  I will.  Because my health depends on it.
2.  Sleep.  and... again, I had already/prior to back injury been on this, recently going to bed on my own at sometimes even 9:30 which is AWESOME for me! 

3.  I am thinking I may need to have overall blood work done as well?  Just because with  my body, I feel like when things go wrong, it is "system wide."  Like not just my back, but it came right after my hip (opposite side) was giving me trouble, had sore throat for a week, etc.  There are these times when there are more than one thing going on for  me and I know I need to listen.

I am of course frustrated right now because I had really been working well with my swimming and really want to continue.  But I have the experience and background now to know that I WILL recover from this.  My back will be A-OK again, I just want to work to prevent this from being too often.

So, the knowing that this is not the end.. this is not where my back will forever be, etc, is helpful.  But at the same time, I am seated/frustrated/barely getting in and out of car/ pushing open doors is challenging, the pain when it pushes on my nerve is just SCREECHING through my body.
Making me more passionate  than EVER about taking care of this precious gift we've been given in the way of our bodies, our movement, our freedom to pursue our goals!


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