Saturday, December 3, 2016

Meal planning, week of 12/4

I've been off of exercise because of my back, so I need to make sure I definitely am focused on planning nutritious meals this week:

Sunday:  Taco salad (ground turkey- tons of salad for me)
Monday: Slow cooker chicken with broccoli; cranberry whole wheat muffins
Tuesday:  Kids are having a can/Ryan can of soup with salad.  I know a can, right.  but, we have them and I'm trying to get rid of them, and I am going out that night to church event.   I plan to have raw veggies before I go to make sure I don't overeat.
Wednesday: Whole wheat pasta with garbanzo beans/cherry tomato/mint/on salad
Thursday:  Sweet potato/bean bake
Friday:  out at church pasta dinner event
Saturday:  fish and veggies (out that night so I will have a healthy meal beforehand to leave some room for fun/wine!)

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