Sunday, May 28, 2017

2 weeks until Eagleman 2017

Eagleman is 2 weeks from NOW.  I am so excited and I feel ready, but know I have 2 weeks of prep still to go, and am ready to stay focused for that.
My two weeks of prep is heavy in MENTAL prep… For me, this is a huge part of race day and GETTING THROUGH it… and getting through it to the BEST of my ability.  I develop mantras, identify possible scenarios that could happen and how to deal with, and create opportunities for complete success by envisioning how I want to FEEL.
Today I am starting with the swim, which is a tough spot for me.

Swim is my worst.  Last September, I was DEVOTED to ensuring that this year I was a faster swimmer, and unfortunately I don’t think I am there.  I may be a more “comfortable” swimmer- I may love it a little bit more and feel more at ease, strong in my stroke, but honestly, it unfortunately hasn’t translated into times.  I hit a set back when  my back went out in November/December and even swimming was problematic for my back for a bit, and since then I haven’t come back with the INTENSITY that I wanted to, BUT.. I am still READY… My swim in Florida was a very fast ½ IM pace for me, so I’m not sure if I was
a.      Scared of the gators
b.      Maybe I was faster
c.      Maybe the course was faster- it was easy sighting for me and I do think I did a real good job sighting, plus there was no current in the lake we were in.
REGARDLESS, I am ready for EM swim, but there are some things that I need to remind myself of.
***Swim start:  I want to make sure I have warmed up a bit. I plan to take some “throw away shoes to the swim start area so I can just leave the, but that way my heart rate has been up already.
I have a tendency about 90 seconds into swim to have not a full panic, BUT… a point where I am like HUH, WHAT, I FEEL THIS!!  Surprisingly, I always feel TIGHT IN MY LEGS- like my LEGS ARE SUFFOCATING and not getting air?! Weird.  But the main thing is that I remind myself that I feel that and yes, swim another 1-2 minutes and that feeling will be gone, so do yoga breathing until then and I will be FINE FINE FINE!!
WHAT ARE MY GOALS for the swim?

I would love to swim 36-37 minutes, BUT I know this course has often taken me 40 and sometimes 43. It is a river, there is a current, things happen, so ultimately, my goal will not be so much TIME, but my ACTIONS/PERFORMANCE IN WATER.  I want to start strong, stay smooth and relaxed, BUT WORKING.  Eagleman, I often end up feeling through the water like yea yea, this is good, I’m doing so great… and I think maybe I just stick with that and forget to WORK at the LEVEL OF RACE DAY!  I certainly don’t need to “race” the swim, BUT… I need to BEGIN. THE. DAY.  And those words will be my mantra this year for the swim.  BEGIN. THE. DAY.:  the swim ISN’T going to make or break my day, but it sure will BEGIN it.  I will feel comfortable in the water, but at least the 2nd half I want to be at a place of strong EFFORT.

I intend to set my watch every 8 minutes to beep, and that will let me know when the 16 min mark is to def KEEP FOCUSED through that CENTER SECTION when things seem blah… and then 24 minutes to ramp up, then 32 to GO GO to end.
I am completely okay getting out with heart rate up (not TOO high) but I won’t be SURPRISED or worried by this.  My arms will calm down on bike/ and thus my hr will go down (until LEGS get that soaring again!)

Ughhhhh… in the next 2 weeks I will practice sighting and also make sure I am using my tinted goggles for sun…
I realize swim will not make or break my race.
I am committed to staying strong no matter what my watch says out of the river, BUT... I am going to go STRONG.

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