Friday, June 9, 2017

Here we are.

I am ready.

I know I am physically ready.  My workouts have confirmed that.
I have done a week of taper and have:
*eaten super healthy/forcing myself it feels to cut back the veggies/add in carbs (which is odd... I never have to urge myself to have some carbs!)
*slept and rested:  with forrest being sick, I really was able to take that day and take a nap (although I didn't sleep nearly any the night before because his fever had been up to the high 105's)...
*done exactly my workout plan and hit all my paces and felt great.
*stretched/rolled/did it all/massage/ last PT, etc.
I am READY.  Nothing else to say.

The work is done, the party needs to begin.
Forecast is for high 90's (95+) so my aim is to manage the heat.  that is my goal.  If I can do that, I've got this.
(so managing the heat means:  eat/drink on bike/take my no-doz/nutrition/salt; on run:  take fuelbelt, take ice at all stops, salt.).
I'm so excited!

HERE I COME EAGLEMAN for my 10th!!

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