Thursday, February 24, 2022




Planning a weeks series of classes, training sessions and workout plans is something I LOVE!

I love how it is truly a bit of science, some art, some sneak attack. 

When I plan a workout or class, I always ask myself a few questions:

1.       Is there a THEME- at the end of the class, do I want you to feel a certain overall feeling?  do we need to do really hard core, am I wanting for this to be equally balanced upper/lower body or should the focus be on one area a bit more, or how interval based- what energy systems am I wanting to make sure are challenged- is it a lot of short intervals with more recovery, or more steady work, maintaining constant effort throughout.  I ask these questions knowing what upcoming goals are coming, what we have done for the previous workout, what is needed etc.

2.       How can I create a really “good feeling” transition INTO the workout.  I am acutely aware that not everyone loves to workout as much as I do!  And even when we do- the WARM UP is one of the most important parts!  If it is too much too soon, you are dooming the entire workout.  If it doesn’t FEEL gradual, good and doable, mentally people start writing stories about themselves and the workout already within the first 60-90 seconds and decide they cannot do it that day.  I like to make sure we just begin moving, warming, flowing, no expectations, all good feelings, and then within a few minutes, it just is almost inspiring like, GOSH I already feel much better- this wasn’t as scary to begin as I thought!

3.       I also love to SNEAK things in.  For example- for yoga classes, every class, I always have a “strength sneak”- for example, I am thinking, I want to make sure we do some challenges for arm strength, or leg strength, or core.  Vice versa- for bootcamps, I am always thinking- how can I sneak some yoga in.  (so yes, each bootcamp class has some element of yoga in it- either a stretch or a dynamic movement which is “yoga based”.  Similar for personal training- if I am training someone who doesn’t also do yoga, well, they do some because I don’t “call it” yoga, but we do it😊

4.       Every class:   we:  do single leg exercises (balance, pelvic floor—ummm yes we need right?!),  we do lateral movement (instead of always front moving), we twist/rotate the spine, we pull the ribs in/shoulders back and down, we circle the arms, move the spine.  I cannot tell you that I GUARANTEE MOVING THIS WAY keeps your body so much healthier, resilient and ready for life.




So, I make sure to do all of these things and I know that I sometimes say the same words over and over…. “can you see your shoulders, pull them out of sight”,  “do you feel your spine wrapped front and back in strength”, “hear your exhale”… but I cannot tell you how much I want you to FEEL these things!  I Hope you do😊

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