Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back to blogging....??????!!!!! and meal plan for week!

So, I haven't written since JUNE!
WHEW!  Blogging is something that I want to do... frankly... for ME! haha, I know a blog is supposed to be "social media," but, I want to become more consistent with blogging because
1. I enjoy writing- I enjoy it in the moment, and I also enjoy that sometimes I feel like I can "figure things out" while I write through them.
2. I like to keep lists and track of things in written format!
3. I've been applying for some various sponsorships/teams, and... they are all asking for my social media platform... ughhhhh..... I've kind of always thought it sucks that many times people are very well known for their fitness and inspiring others by sitting at a desk and writing about it, while... I am out there.. DOING and LIVING it with people one on one and in groups.. BUT.... I have to adapt and become "of the times".....So... I am going to use all of these reasons to get back on!

For now, I am going to update my weekly meal plan.  It is helpful for me to do my meal plans, otherwise we don't eat healthfully, and here is how I do it.
Thursday evenings: I usually sit down and plan meals for the following week- I look over our family calendar and see what nights we are able to have more time at home vs. nights where we may need a sandwich or yogurt in the car, etc.
Friday: I look through and make grocery list of items we need/do not have/ what is on sale at grocery stores/which is best to go to.
Saturday:  RYAN shops for me!  usually!  I am so lucky, I know.... I also will often stop at a store to run in for like 3-4 things, but he does the BIG trip.
Sunday: I like to at least spend some time food prepping- washing things, cutting fruit, and making a real meal for Sunday- ideally something that coudl have a 2nd meal out of it, or at least some portion of it being leftovers.

*we don't eat meat often- maybe 1-2x/week, maybe 3 if I am VERY on top of things and there has been a sale!
* we are not FANCY at all!  my meals are si mple and some may think they are boring.  They work for us, so yea.
*I am not putting up recipes for any of these yet, BUT IT IS IN MY GOALS to always link up to some of the recicpes.  If there are any that you want to know how I make, let me know and I'll email you recipe!
*I like to do one crockpot meal/week.
*I like to do fish on fridays, even though I don't really love fish at all.  I like Friday meal to be light because I need fish once/week (bleh), but also if I eat really healthy dinner, I feel like I can maybe have an extra glass of wine/snack!
*I usually end up having one meal/week as either:  egg based/breakfasty, OR oatmeal/breakfasty, or a sandwich (all with smoothie, usually)..

Next week:
Monday:  Pumpkin Ricotta Pasta Bake and spinach salad.
Tuesday:  Crockpot meal:  Chicken kale soup with popovers, carrot sticks/hummus
Wednesday:  Chicken, Sweet potato biscuits, spinach salad
Thursday: Scrambled eggs, edamame, smoothie
Friday:  fish and steamed broccoli
Saturday:  hopefully OUT!

More on the blog SOON! (feel unconfident in saying that, but will try!)

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