Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ranking happiness!

I'm so excited right now!  I am applying to a few teams for sponsors and I had to include my USAT 2015 and unofficial/as of now 2016 ranking.  I got mailed an All - American certificate from 2015, but honestly, I didn't ever log on to see what I was ranked, etc.  I couldn't find it online, so I had to email in to find out, and they responded back with the link that I was ranked 7th in my age group for 2015!!! I was beyond thrilled to see that number?! woweee!!!  The previous year was 139 and 2013 was 217, so this seemed really AWESOME to me! Then, I went to the link provided for the unofficial current 2016 standings (since if others race and get more points than me, I would move down).  Currently, I am ranked 2nd! WOW! I think it is so amazing, especially since I didn't even have a number in my head that I was HOPING for, this just absolutely made my day! 

It is funny how I am totally immersed in my training, in my goals and in my training plan, BUT... I apparently am not a "numbers person" for races/results.  (maybe now I will be!)  Similarly, I couldn't tell you currently my 10 mile PR, or my Olympic distance triathlon PR, or my 70.3 PR (although I could come close).  My TRAINING is usually the thing that matters the most to me- the daily grind, the daily getting out there, achieving, working, struggling, feeling, recovering, day to day doing the right thing, managing fatigue/soreness/nutrition/family/work, etc.... It is so intense.  I arrive at the race and I KNOW that I am 100% prepared as much as I could be.  And so in my mind, that is that.  I give my all in the race, am usually fairly right on with knowing where I will be timewise based on my training, I love and enjoy the race, but the numbers aren't my biggest thing!  It is nice to get on the podium (especially when the prize is a wine glass!!) (or discount to next years race!), but it is rarely the MOST important thing that I remember from the races!  And I'm kinda proud of that!  I've really found this sport that just completes me as an adult.

**I'm not saying I show up at races and am complacent... completely opposite.  I am prepared and I fully intend to use all of my preparation.  But, I completely also feel accepting of where I am, my limitations, and don't define myself as a person by my times/numbers/pace/placing, etc.  I enjoy the roads, the nature, the towns I run through, the volunteers, my family usually joining me.  I usually pray at some point in the race and thank God for allowing me a healthy body to dive into each day with, and for letting me be safe and at peace and thriving.  I am so thankful for this sport and I don't take for granted my time that I have each day to get out and continue to do something I love for myself, and to share that with others with coaching and training and teaching.  Not all days feel glorious(!), but every once in awhile, I just amazed by being able to live what I one day dreamed:)

(above:  Eagleman 2016/3rd age group and yes... I will be back next year...!!!!!)

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