Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday Workout: Swim status

So, I'm putting it out there, let's call it what it is: my swim is a real liability for my triathlon.  I have for many years realized, hey-- I seem to mostly be around mid pack for the swim, and my bike/run are so much stronger that I make up for it mostly.  I let myself just do the bare bones training for swim.  I reconciled this with the fact that in a triathlon, improvements in the bike and run offer for the most part far greater return on the training investment time.

Until now.  By the end of this season, it became very clear to me that I feel like I am "near-  maxed out" with my bike, and my run really isn't in a place where I stand to make the most gains anymore... It is the swim.  There is no way I can come out of the swim with 10 minutes to make up in an Olympic distance race - over someone who maybe swim is their strength, but if they are also near the top cyclist/runner... I am just in the hole too much... I must improve my swim.

And I will.

AND WOW- look at that above statement! Look at that CONFIDENCE!  haha.. not sure how much I really believe that truly in my heart, BUT... I am going to TRY MY BEST.  And I have begun!

I contacted a local swim school, and although right now they don't have their underwater video analysis/no individual coaching options, I am going to hang in there and hope for being able to do that soon.  I have taken 4 swim webinars over the past 2 months as part of my CEU's for recertification as a USA Triathlon coach, and they have been very helpful to me, and opened my eyes to some different ways of approaching training/ some variety, which is helpful for motivation!

and.. I have been SWIMMING!  You know what?  HOW EMBARRASSING actually to even almost go to a coach for help at this point, pointing out that I can't swim as fast as I think I should.  Why should I be able to swim fast?  I am strong yes.  But... someone with strong legs who comes to me saying they think they should be able to bike faster, but they've only been biking 2x/week???  ummmm... hello,, begin by TRAINING, right?!  So, I've realized, I have no right to think I should be better when frankly I haven't been putting in the 1.  time  2. effort/intensity. 
So, I have been consistent for a month now (which has been helped by a horrible hamstring/glute/calf issue ongoing right now which has limited my bike/run.... strange how the universe comspires to help at times, right?!)  I have been to the pool 3-4x/week.  Previously I would swim 1-2x/week.. (2x always GOAL, but... always made excuses for that 2nd time). 
I've taken benchmarks of my distances.
I've created a swim training plan for the next few months, as well as some key focus points/mini goals to work through along the way.
I am using the tempo trainer to help with my arm cadence which I think has been one of my limiters.
Ryan video'ed (??) me swimming before the reston pools closed and I was brought to HUMBLE AWARENESS of how my form looked.. Oh my GOSH my right hand crossing over?  I had no idea, I had no idea my body was snaking around behind me creating all sorts of drag.  I had no idea and would have SWORN that my head was not lifting up... yuck.  So I am working on all drills that are specific to these problems (and more)... and I feel so purposeful in the pool.

Of course the pool comes with so many annoyances that today I had a brief thought of, "I'm too sensitive to deal with pool - people drama.... ugh".... but... that is a small thing and I need to toughen up my heart sometimes:)  And I have gotten (not just in the past months but finally over the past few years- even if it hasn't come with speed), to a place where I am loving the sport of swimming.  I feel finally like I WANT to, I look forward to it, I enjoy it while there, and I feel so great after swimming!  Sometimes I'm not sure if it is the power of getting away and immersing myself under water for an amount of time where NOONE CAN CONTACT ME!! haha... But it is peaceful, soothing and invigorating to my body and mind!

I need to really work on not just the physical progress of swimming, but my mental block of who I am as a swimmer.  I always have the tendency to put myself down, say "I cannot swim", and feel so pitiful about my swim.  And I will stop now.  I am training now.  I am STRONG, and I can LEARN, and I do not give up.... So ... cool... I feel happy.. I love having new and exciting goals!!

It is not 2017 yet, but I am kinda prepping... I always feel like fall is a time for new goals also... in fact, I believe that every day is (every "Rising Sun"!)! 
What are your fall goals or 2017 thoughts on goals?!

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