Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fit Fuel for the week!

Meals this week are super simple, and I have all of the ingredients ready to go to make it easier for my schedule this week!

Tonight:  family is out at boy scout event for dinner, so I'm on my own and am having spinach lentil tomato soup (one of my faves).

Monday:  brown rice and barbecue chicken, salad;  (I'm having brown rice with leftover spinach lentil stew).

Tuesday:  sweet potatoes, kale chips, and baked chicken.

Wednesday:  salad and ravioli (for mine, I have a few ravioli, but more of the salad/and tons of veggies piled on top in a big bowl so it is mostly veggies w/ a bit of pasta/cheese...

Thursday:  Chicken salad sandwiches (with chopped celery/apples/grapes in the salad) and smoothie.

Friday:  fish and veggies.... *I always like to have this as a standard Friday night meal if I can so that it leaves room for some wine/ a Friday PM snack, etc.... plus it is rather easy and quick!!

Happy Healthy Food this week!
What are you looking forward to as your healthiest meal this week?

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