Friday, November 11, 2016

Healthy Meal Planning - next week

It is a constant and never ending struggle for everyone, I know, to keep healthy food stocked, plans made for healthy meals, and action taken on eating healthy to fuel ourselves.  Not one thing will work for everyone, BUT-- this is what works for me, and maybe it will work for some of you.

If I adhere to my following schedule, I am sure to be eating my healthiest:
THURSDAY PM:  I usually try to take some time on Thursday to PLAN next weeks meals- I look at calendar/see days where it is easiest to have quick meals, and hopefully 1-2 days where we have more of a  "real meal" (hopefully that can also have leftovers for another meal with veggies, or a lunch, etc).  So: meal planning is done Thursday pm.

FRIDAY:  At some point, I go through and make grocery list depending on above meal plan/ingredients needed/ also what we are out of.

SATURDAY: In advance, I realize I am super lucky, I know... Ryan does our main grocery shopping.  It rocks.  I give him list/ list of sales at the store he is going to/coupons and he goes shopping-- it is awesome- usually I also can get in one of my workouts while he is doing this, so it works well overall.

SUNDAY:  Sundays I try to have a "real meal"- not necessarily fancy, but just something all together for sure, something that maybe takes a bit more prep (but not necessarily depending on games).
 I spend at least some time on Sunday cooking some things up for week-- such as:
*hard boiling eggs (if I don't do this, I am def. in for a less than healthy week- I do really well if I always have eggs and can have maybe 2 egg whites (or 1 full and 1 white with fruit, etc).
*if fruits/veggies need cutting, sometimes I try to get this done.
*if I am going to be making any casseroles, I sometimes make them and have in fridge so during week, no time has to go into this.
*I usually also have another protein that I cook up or get out and wash/have ready to go in fridge such as:  quinoa, or garbanzo beans in a container with chopped peppers, other veggies (so I can easily have a cup of this for a snack or topping for a salad if needed), also lentils/ etc.
*I also sometimes get all of the kids lunch things out/put in a place to grab and pack for week- a variety so they aren't having the same fruit cup/fruit/crunchy snack with their lunches day after day-- so I grab a variety/ziplock them up or whatever container, and it helps me a lot!

SOOOOOO, this week:  (you'll see I don't do fancy cooking- we do a lot of veggie meals/simple meals, but still healthy):

Sunday:  Ryan is grilling pork chops for him and kids (they haven't had before but we try to get them to try some meat things that I don't eat to get some variety of protein in for them).  We will have with broccoli and broccoli/apple salad.

Monday:  We are having lentil/spinach/tomato soup- easy recipe I can give you if you'd like, with sweet potato biscuits!! (which I LOOOOVE!)

Tuesday:  crockpot black beans (served over brown rice with tomatoes/lowfat shredded cheese and citrus to help absorption of iron).

Wednesday:  hoping for leftovers of something of the above, if not, we are going to have egg salad sandwiches/salad.

Thursday:  Chicken/broccoli/pepper stir fry over either brown rice or couscous

Friday:  fish and veggies... (my Friday staple because it makes me feel okay about having a Friday treat!)

Saturday:  either out or maybe whole wheat crust make your own pizza for family night!

MAKE YOUR PLAN -- it only takes a small amount of time to plan and then I promise you a week of eating healthier than you would have otherwise!!

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