Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcome to the Team- SFQ

I am so excited to share with you my exciting news!  I applied to be on a Triathlon Team with a company that I really felt drawn to-  and I got the email a few days ago titled, "WELCOME TO THE TEAM- SMASH FEST QUEEN!" I am so honored to be chosen to be part of this group, and I am literally motivated beyond belief to make 2017 my BEST YEAR EVER of training and racing! 

I had probably my best year so far in 2016, placing a few times top overall female, which felt great, and which opened my eyes to the possibility of working with a company and team.  I just kept my eyes on my training and races and did my best, while keeping this consideration in the back of my mind until the season end.
Over the past two months, since my season has come to an end in early September, I applied, but did so with a bit of hesitation. When I wasn't in the middle of training and racing, I kind of felt silly applying, unconfident, just small.  I considered not applying.  I don't like being rejected (who does?!) and I have a history of being possibly the number 1 most waitlisted person on the planet (med school 2 years, living on the lawn at UVA, and on and on)... I thrive on training and racing, but I honestly am not too much into my NUMBERS- PR's or rankings, I just do  my best day to day and race HARD, so I wasn't even aware until applying of my USAT rankings.  When I found out my rankings for last year and this year were so high, I felt a little bit more confident applying.. but.. you know.. this is still ME.. just lil ole me who began as someone who couldn't even run more than a mile,  couldn't swim, didn't bike, etc!  And... I mean really, I'm not a spring chicken.. I'm in my 40's now... (do 40 year olds even apply, I wondered?!)  Whatever.  I applied.

And tried to let go of wondering in my mind, but I still kind of kept thinking of it, and trying to not wish for anything and just be ready for a "no"... but still happy that I tried.
Welcome to TEAM SFQ- yes You!
I am thrilled!!!
About SMASH:  Smash is a triathlon, running, cycling apparel company founded by Hillary Biscay (former Ironman pro and ultraman competitor- legendary triathlete) and Michele Landry (top age group triathlete who began designing the performance apparel).
I still have to learn more about the details of being on this team, but I am thrilled and honored.  Information on this past year's Team is on SMASH's website at:

What are my goals and intentions:
I aim to make 2017 my best year of racing, and I will be blogging about some of my training, goals, balancing life, racing, etc.  I'd love for you to follow the blog and keep in touch with me through it- letting me know posts that have helped motivate you, given you helpful training or racing tips, etc.  Also, I will be on Instagram (@sharonrisingsunfit) and posting regularly there!

AND:  you'll see me sporting around in some SMASHFEST training and racing gear- like my favorite bike shorts above that I raced in at Maryland Duathlon this past July! 

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