Saturday, November 5, 2016

weekly food/meal planning

I haven't had my act together, oh my goodness... but I am doing it- it WILL be a healthy week!

Tomorrow- we have a soccer team out for lunch/mid day meal- so dinner is going to be a lower key salad and sweet potato biscuit dinner:)

Monday:  I am making a crockpot "beef" stew- type thing with red potatoes and oh my gosh I have never done this.  I have a recipe, ryan is doing all the "handling" of the beef, and I have Portobello mushrooms that I am cooking up for myself if I cannot handle the beef:)

Tuesday:  hopefully leftovers/voting day/ kids have off school, we are taking this as a hiking day on Appalachian trail- so I would like to have something to just heat up when we get home- so planning for leftovers!

Wednesday:  brown rice, beans, cheese, tomato burritos- super simple, with oranges to enhance vit C / Iron absorption.

Thursday:  stir fry veggies over brown rice

Friday:  fish and veggies dinner- per our Friday normal:)

Saturday:  either OUT or make your own pizzas (with salad) at home (soccer tournament weekend- so we don't know our schedule yet).

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